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Trailers and Clips

  • In Saturn's Rings
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Planet Earth BBC (Music: Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla)
  • Samsara: The ever turning wheel of life
  • The Martian: Help is only 140 million miles away
  • Skyfall
  • GoPro HERO3 Black Edition
  • Tomorrowland
  • Avatar
    Pandora Discovered
  • ST: Into Darkness
  • ST: Beyond
  • Interstellar
  • SW: The Force Awakens #1
  • SW: The Force Awakens #3
  • SW: Rogue One #1
  • SW: Rogue One #2
  • SW: The Last Jedi #1
  • SW: The Last Jedi #2
  • SW: Solo
  • SW: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Passengers
  • Contact: Galaxy pullback
  • Contact: Worm hole
  • Richard Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra - Lunar orbit

  • Short Videos

  • Mars: Flight Into Mariner Valley
  • Scale of Earth, Sun, Rigel and UV Canopus Majoris
  • RECONS 25 - Nearby Stars (A. Riedel - recons.org)
  • ESA - Guide to our Galaxy - gaia
  • 10 Strangest Planets In Space
  • Kepler 186f - Earthlike Planet in M red-dwarf system
  • Space Engine space simulation demo
  • The Wanderers
  • The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • PBS Digital Studios - Interstellar Travel
  • PBS Digital Studios - Alcubierre Warp Drive
  • NASA - International Space Station Tour by Sunita Williams
  • Mars Flyover
  • Pluto Flyover
  • ISS View of Typhoon
  • ISS - All Alone in the Night
  • Space Engine - Worlds in 360 degrees
  • Space Engine - Serenity
  • SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
  • Why Should We Go to Mars?
  • NASA - Tour of the Moon (2018 version)
  • 10 Recently Discovered Earth-like Planets
  • Hubble, Journey through the Orion Nebula
  • To The Edge of the Universe
  • VR tour of six real Exoplanets
  • NASA Missions takes a Look at Superstar Eta Carinae
  • Cassini's Grand Finale at the end of its 13 year mission to Saturn.

  • Destination Music

  • Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me
  • Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move
  • Emma Louise - Jungle
  • Paul McCartney - The Fireman - Sing the Changes
  • R3HAB & Lia Marie Johnson - The Wave
  • Rudimental & Emeli Sandé - Free
  • Frida Sundemo - We Are Dreamers
  • Symphony of Science - We are all Connected
  • Christina Stürmer - ist mir egal
  • Tove Styrke - Baby One More Time
  • Sigma - Find Me ft. Birdy with Millie Bobby Brown

  • Favorites

  • Christina Aguilera - Candyman
  • Alizée - J'en Ai Marre (glass room)
  • Camila Cabello - Havana (Vertical Video) ft. Young Thug
  • Aretha Franklin - Think (Blues Brothers)
  • George Grosman - Sensitive Kind
  • Kiesza - Hideaway
  • Larkin Poe - Preachin' Blues
  • Richard Strauss
    Also Sprach Zarathustra
    Berlin Philharmonic

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Local Stars 3D Wide
Movement Up / Down L/R
Mouse / Arrows Zoom Turn
+ [ Alt ] Hi / Low Track
+ [ Space Bar ] Look Look
+ [ Ctrl ] Move faster
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Click 3D button on left yolk handle, or Esc keyboard for more help.
Local Stars 3D Full
Movement Up / Down L/R
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Sky Map
 » Click in map to fly to location.
 » Top pull down adjusts field of view.
 » [Go] button opens the Sky Chart at your choosen location.
Earth Map
 » Click in map to fly to Earth.
 » Top pulldown adjusts field of view, altitude, heading, tilt (90° level, 0° down).
 » [Go] button opens Earth 3D at your choosen location.
 » Hubble images
 » Drag mouse to move
 » Center mouse zooms
 » X-ray, infared, historical
 » Planet positions
 » Random start location
 » Mouse + [Ctrl] 3D look around
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Lower right: Compass heading, 2D/3D, location, zoom + -, 360 degree Street View, Show Imagery, Switch to Map
 » Right Click: What's here, distance, directions, Search nearby
 » Random start location
Moon Trek
 » Mouse + [Ctrl] 3D looks around
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Upper right: Fly To
 » Lower left 3D, Explorer of nearby locations, layers
Mars Trek
 » Mouse + [Ctrl] 3D looks around
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Upper right: Fly To
 » Lower left 3D, Explorer of nearby locations, layers
World Web Telescope
 » 3D Planets, stars, galaxies
 » Drag mouse to move
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Bing Maps, Aerial, Streets, Night View
 » Solar System, Planets, Guided Tours
 » Space Panoramas
Solar System Scope
(Min 2400MB paging size recommended)

 » Drag mouse to move
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Click stars, planets and objects for info
Galactic Stars
 » Thumbnail images Click to Go
 » Drag mouse to move
 » Mouse scroll zooms
 » Click stars for info
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 » Image slider
 » Click on image to lock flight destination
 » Click Throttle to engage
 » Autopilot arrival
 » Sphere controls to move in destination
 » [Open] button for Zoom module access
Advanced Monitor Controls
 » Refresh speeds:
    Slow | Stand | Med | Fast
 » Pop-up Sizes 1-5
 » Pop-up On / Off
 » Fade In / Out Speed
 » Center Monitors Stagger
 » Current Monitor Status
 » Last Update Change
Video Player
 » Scrolling video list
 » Science, music, trailers
 » Click to play
 » An active video turns on the Saturn X (video-off button), upper right.
Audio Controls
 » Cockpit Sounds for buttons and features
 » Comm Link: Location info, status, local traffic, weather, warnings and featured destination music.
 Liberator  Serenity  Venture Star  Nostromo  Millennium Falcon  Nubian Yacht  U.S.S. Enterprise - Full Impulse  Cargo Transit Warp 2  Shuttlecraft-18 Warp 3  Shuttlecraft-12 Warp 4  Merced Class Warp 5  Miranda Class Warp 6  Constitution Class Warp 7  Federation Class Warp 8  Prototype DP Federation Warp 9  Enterprise NCC-1701-E Warp 9.2  Sovereign Class Warp 9.6  Excelsior Warp 9.9  Aeon-Vern M86 Timeship Warp 9.99 - 29th Century  Gen-Hayden Class Einsteinium TransCore W9.99999  Orion Spur Kicker TWarp-10 - 29th Century  USS TeCuda TimePod TWarp-14 - 31st Century  F2/H2 Hydrogen Fluorine  H+H Free Radical Atomic H  Metastable HE  Steady Fusion  Ion  High Energy Ion  Nuclear Pulse - Colony  Laser Ram Jet / Solar Sail  RAIR Ram - Long Base  Daedalus RAIR  Deadalus  RAIR Ram  RAIR Gollaith  Antimatter  Antimatter Inertial-Flux  Dark Energy Gravity Drive
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 The Key Lever - Click to disengage Starship Cockpit Controls
 Tracking Support Access
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 Starship start lever  Hit the road Jack
   Open Crash Doors
   Close Crash Doors
   Open Crash Doors
 Close Crash Doors
kb  Start Lever  Hit the road Jack
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