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Barbados - Christchurch Morning walk
Barbados - Christchurch Morning walk
Christchurch - Sail for rent
East Coast Barbados - John
Christchurch - Bicycle shop attendent
Florence Italy - Hillside couple
Flora on a Redding farm
Pumpkin patch picks - New Hampshire
Tomatoes in Santorini
January skating at Rockefeller Center
Kristin on California Coast
Judy's Sunday in the pool - Oahu
Dmitri prism
Brothers on the beach Venice California
Zurs scene Austria
Caribou on McKenzie Flats - Denali, Alaska
Nathalie at Place de la Concord - Paris
Patricia - Les Halles Paris
Patricia - Les Halles Paris
Thierry Mugler collection
Thierry Mugler collection
Sonja in Patmos Greece
Westerwald walk Germany
Domplatz market Wetzlar, Germany
Arthur and Heather - Pasadena, California
Friso and Jo on the sailboat, Imperial Beach Harbor

Photography by James Shuster

  • Photojournalist for United Press - Paris, Athens
  • Fashion Photographer - Glamour agency Paris
  • Photography instructor - US Army - Germany
  • Photography assistant - Leica Cameras Germany
  • National Camera Product Manager - Leica Cameras USA
  • Location photographer - California Motion Picture Council

  • 35mm, digital - Press, travel, fashion, color balance, retouching, negative scanning