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Latest update October 26, 2016
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    Access to MP Navigator downloads is available to members who have received a passcode. To request the passcode, please email to:

    Enter the Mission Profile Passcode and hit Enter or press the buttons to download or view the files.
      Windows users: Right click on the button and choose "Save as...".
      Mac users: Click and hold, then choose "Download Linked File".
    Mission Profile Navigator v 4.2c
     MP Navigator

    Enter Passcode and hit Enter or click on the button above.
    Mission Profile Guide download

     MP Navigator Guide in pdf

    VRML 3D Local Stars Original Version v1.1
     VRML 3D fly-through (requires 3rd party plug in to view in browsers

    Enter Passcode and hit Enter or click on the button above.

    VRML file requires a 3rd party plug-in to view.
    Suggested free download from: cortona3d.com
    Mac and Linux users can find a viewer at: instantreality.org

    SGC Star Distance Matrix
    Rewrite pending

    Enter Passcode and hit Enter or click on the button above.

    Beta release

      The Starship Simulator v0.95  (10-24-2016)
    Attention: Viewscreens can be viewed with Firefox or Internet Explorer after you install the free plugins: Cortona 3D Plugin and Google Earth Plugin.

    These Plug-ins are a lot of fun to use and they are free. The Cortona 3D Plugin installs without too much trouble. You just have to choose which browser you want to use, when opening a 3D world .wrl file. Choose Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    Installing Google Earth plugin can be a little tricky. Here is an
    illustrated help for the Google Earth Plug-in install.

    Both plugins no longer work on the Chrome Browser.

    Illustrated Guide
    A link to this wonderful, illustrated guide is also available by clicking on the CP button, (Cockpit Help), once you are in your Starship's pilot seat. I suggest you download this Starship Simulator Guide and check it out. There are a lot of controls. You are going to need to have this handy.

    Starship Simulator Beta5 10-24-16 Guide

    Please right click and save this guide to your computer. This is the guide for the current online version. A new guide is already available on the main project page. The updated Simulator is due to be released this month, February 2018.

    Click to Enlarge - Starship Simulator
    Enter the Starship Simulator passcode and hit the Enter key, or click the Launch button.

    (This passcode is not the same as the other passcodes on this page.)
      Need access?
    updated October 26, 2016