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Video encoding online

  1. Always get master quality originals. Playable DVD's are NOT a master copy.
  2. Always try to have professional light a video shot.
  3. Use a professional camera-person who is qualified with the camera.
  4. Have the video edited by a professional editor.
  5. Use a direct line in from the mixing board for performance and have a separate professional audio person in any original video shoot.
  6. Fixing anything in Post often costs more than doing all the steps above, put together.

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4th July - American Skies - Fort McHenry -HD

Mashup video + music to sync - encoded to flash HD


  • Video: Flash, Quicktime from masters: .avi, .mov, DV, HDV, HDCAM, SR, HDD5, DVC Pro
  • Audio: MP3, Flac, Wav
  • Motion Graphics, color correction, format adjustment, audio sync, frame by frame retouching, HD
  • Titles / Subtitles
  • Transitions / DVD motion menus